Monitoring Services

PLS Geomatics has a wide range of monitoring services guaranteed to provide peace of mind, convenience and significant cost savings but also a valuable tool during the construction process. We help you to predict certain problems, preventing situations from becoming critical and reducing time, costs and risk in the process.

Remote Tilt Monitoring

Wireless tiltmeter systems can be used to measure the response of structures to influences such as loading, settlement or subsidence. The accuracy and insight that these techniques provide has proved invaluable to clients needing to monitor large structures such as bridges, dams, tower cranes and party/retaining walls.

This revolutionary technology is constantly being used by PLS Geomatics to great effect, dramatically improving reliability and accuracy of results as well as reducing the cost of structure monitoring for our clients.

Structural Target Monitoring

PLS Geomatics have been instructed to monitor sheet piles, party walls, bridges, tunnels, motorways, embankments and, among other things, cranes and electric pylons.
Using cutting edge equipment, PLS Geomatics operatives are able to monitor movement in any civil construction situation.

Remote Target Monitoring

For situations where large numbers of measurements need to be taken within a short period of time and where a traditional, ‘manned’ instrument would be unable to cope, a specialised, pre-programmed target monitoring system can be deployed.

The advantages are as follows: 
  • 300 targets can be measured in only 2 rotations
  • Detect movements faster
  • Initiate alarms earlier
  • More targets per instrument

Track Monitoring

As a RISQS accredited company, PLS Geomatics has regularly provided track monitoring services to a diverse range of principle contractors.

Employing fully qualified track surveyors and having obtained the relevant RISQS product codes for such activities, we provide track monitoring services and rail personnel to companies such as, Morgan Sindall and Volker Rail.

Monitoring service includes informed track geometry advice and appropriate action (including imposing speed restrictions) as well as daily geometry reporting. Providing this service as part of a wider engineering service to a particular project but can deliver it in isolation.

Track Monitoring

PLS Geomatics uses Trimble 4D Control monitoring software that is included as part of all movement, tilt and vibration monitoring projects. This enables us, our clients and their clients to view real-time data received directly from their sites without leaving their desk. This user-friendly customer interface is so simple to use that our clients are regularly up and running within 30 minutes of receiving their login details.

Simply choose the site you wish to view and be immediately presented with a live ‘traffic light’ view of your site. This screen delivers an instant overview of your site informing you of any areas of approaching or critical concern. At a glance you are given the current reading and alert status of each sensor as well as the temperature of the site at that moment.

Data for each site and individual sensor can also be viewed both historically and in real-time by simply changing the time/date range within the portal. The data within your chosen range (stretching from the last 10 minutes to the entire project) can be displayed both graphically and in tabular form. Furthermore, Data from any range can be printed off or downloaded as a universally compatible CSV file which can then be manipulated by all major spreadsheets and data handling packages.

PLS Track Monitoring surveys