Vacuum Excavation

When combined with GPR, Vacuum Excavation provides unparalleled levels of precision in pin-pointing the location of underground utilities or anomalies.

Alongside our partner firm, this service is delivered incredibly quickly, efficiently and with much less disruption than other less accurate methods. Crucially, along with minimal intrusion and disruption comes significantly lower costs in terms of labour, site/road closures and traffic management.

What is Vacuum Excavation?

Whilst Ground Penetrating Radar can produce a highly accurate picture of sub-surface conditions, it is no secret that results are sometimes open to a degree of interpretation. It is often necessary to physically verify precisely where and at what depth those objects initially detected lie.

Following a thorough GPR/CAT Survey, key underground objects are selected for further investigation. A specially constructed coring machine is then used to drill into the ground, stopping a safe distance above the object. Our unique, custom-made vehicles then use vacuum suction to remove the remaining earth around the object allowing its type and position to be verified visually.

Vacuum Excavation has countless applications for Engineers and developers alike. Our services are hugely beneficial when used for leak repair, gas or water service line terminations, installations and renewals, pre-design utility verification, void/cellar detection and much more.

Key Benefits?

  • Reduced conflicts and change orders
  • Unparalleled levels of accuracy
  • Significant cost savings
  • Fewer and shorter service interruptions
  • Far less disruption to traffic and the public
  • Virtually eliminates the chance of damage to surrounding utilities
  • Improved productivity using the same manpower