Railway Geospatial Engineering

As a RISQS accredited company, PLS Surveys’ staff are fully qualified PTS (Personal Track Safety) and COSS (Controller of Site Safety) Engineers. Working in isolation or alongside other engineering teams, these highly skilled Engineers can lower expenditure and eliminate inconvenience for the client.

By using the latest Direct Reflex and Laser Scanning instruments it is often possible to obtain vital information remotely without the need to physically gain access to railway land. This could avoid the need for track closures and can dramatically reduce costs for our customers.

What can we do?

  • Topographic surveys of embankments and track
  • Track monitoring – checking for track monitoring during activities such as auger boring or structural bridge works
  • Structural monitoring of tunnels, bridges and trackside buildings/structures
  • Datum plating
  • Structure gauging/clearance surveys including platforms and tunnels
  • Track inspections and reports for renewal planning

Railway Gauging Surveys

Using the latest 2D laser sweep and 3D laser scanning equipment, PLS Surveys are able to produce incredibly accurate profiles of tunnels, platforms or any other structure where proximity to the track needs to be measured.

BB Rail Technologies Clearoute 2 software is used to show kinematic information for different classes of rolling stock while the Trimble X12 Scanner enables our Engineers to provide 3D point clouds of areas of the infrastructure from positions of safety. By using such methods our clients avoid the need for costly safety systems and personnel.

Please note, whilst offering conventional Datum Plating services, PLS Surveys can also complete this task with the use of the Mephisto track mounted laser. Plates are installed according to created alignment designs for future track tamping.